Is it time to paint your cabinets?

Published on 05/30/2023 by PCS Painters. 

Does your painter have a climate control spray shop with infrared curing lamps?

If you are looking to update your kitchen and save money at the same time, it’s probably a good idea to have your cabinets painted. Painting your kitchen cabinets can greatly extend the life of your cabinets for a minimal cost compared to full blown replacement. Just because you plan to save money by having your cabinets painted, it doesn’t mean your cabinets have to look like someone just rolled paint on the them. Spraying cabinets with the appropriate paints will surely enhance the look of your cabinets with increased durability. To gain such durability depends on your circumstances. This is whether you will allow the painters to spray in your home. If spraying is not preferred in the home, then alternative products can be used a side from traditional spray only lacquers along with a foam-roll technique for your built-in boxes. 

  • Remove hardware
  • Degrease and clean 
  • Sand all surfaces before priming
  • Spray WB Lacquer primer
  • Sand primer and look for imperfections
  • Spray finish coats in desired sheen level
  • Deliver doors/drawers back to the job site
  • Reset hardware and level doors
  • Dual component products for chemical resistance

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