Does the interior of your home need to be painted?

Published on 05/26/2023 by PCS Painters. 

Interior home painting process explained

Have you been looking around your home, and feeling like your colors are a bit dated? Is there damage or scuff marks on your walls, trim or doors? Then it’s most likely time to paint the interior of your home. Just the thought of contacting a painting contractor can sometimes feel overwhelming. We are here to help. One of the first things to start with is to have a budget in mind for your project. Not sure how much is reasonable? That’s what free estimates are for. Most painting contractors always consider the fact that most homeowners are getting three quotes or are trying to figure out a budget of what they can afford. knowing this should help to take the pressure off. While the free estimate is taking place there are several bases you do need to cover. Even if you call the best painting contractors they will not know exactly what your expectations are. Let me explain.  If you want to compare painting quotes accurately, you will need to ensure all of your quotes are the same. To do this, make sure all of the paint products for each area are the same brand and grade of paint. Read the “Scope of Work” throughly on each bid. It is important to make sure each painting company’s scope of work is all inclusive to your project. This way it is easy to compare price, but also ensure the painting companies understand your job, and everything is included.  

Knock list: Ceilings, walls, trim and doors

Things to look for on your quote

  • Staged furniture
  • Plastic wrapped furniture
  • Heavy-duty drop clothes
  • Pole sanding ceilings/walls
  • Spot-patch, sanding patches, and spot-priming of minor drywall imperfections
  • Large cracks and tape seams will be called out individually
  • Light sanding of trim/doors prior to painting
  • Application method brush, roll and spray
  • Clean up and disposal
  • Furnishment of labor, equipment, sundries and finish paints

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