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Established in commerce 2002

Serving the City of Chicago & Suburbs

Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting Services…

PCS Painters™ is a full service professional company prepared to serve all of your commercial painting needs.

Our clients can always expect a free estimate with a fixed bid quotation. Our fixed cost bidding system enables PCS Painters™ to better meet your budget needs. Changes in costs only result when a client elects to make a change to the agreed upon fixed bid quotation. Consequently, it would then be necessary to draft a “change order”. In any case, costs are agreed upon before executing the change in services and materials.

Commercial Painters…

When preparing for commercial painting jobs, PCS Painters™ is aware of the need for proper service analysis and adhesion. This process adds to the longevity of the paint coatings. All surrounding surfaces are protected by masking-off with fresh, plastic sheeting, rosin paper and drop cloths. PCS Painters™ specializes in high volume airless spraying and brush and roll techniques. Once your commercial painting job is completed, PCS Painters™ assures you of a clean area; free of used painting materials and all debris properly disposed of. Touch-up paints will be labeled and left behind at the client’s request.