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Residential Painting

Interior and exterior painting jobs performed by PCS Painters.  All cabinets are sprayed at our shop. 

Interior Painting Services…

Our residential interior prepping begins with every space of your home appropriately protected through top of the line methods and equipment. Through canvas dropped floors, plastic wrapped furniture, fresh plastic sheeting, and the partitioning of openings when necessary, your residential space is carefully and safely protected.

PCS Painters™ requests that clients remove what they can from the work area(s) prior to the start of the job. Larger or heavier items can be staged and/or removed by letting us know at the time of the estimate. Prepping continues with the patching of all drywall and tape seam repair, and the filling and caulking in of nail holes. All raw surfaces are treated with appropriate primers before painting begins. This process ensures proper adhesion for finishing coats.   Obviously this rule differs when applying semi-transparent stains or clear coats. PCS Painters™ preferred paints are Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore. We believe both companies offer the latest product innovation available on the market today.

Residential Exterior Painting Services…

PCS Painters™ offers a wide range of coatings on residential exterior jobs; from painting your home, deck, gazebo, playset and more. Due to the seasonal changes experienced in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin, prepping is vital to ensure the duration of your paint/stain job. At the start of the job, power washing is most effective in removing dirt and/or foreign matter from the substrate. During this process we use an exterior detergent to rid surfaces of mold and mildew.   We continue with the scrapping of all loose paint, the removal of old caulk, caulking in, the replacement of wood rot, and the priming of all raw surfaces with appropriate top quality primers. Depending on the look the client hopes to achieve, stripping will be performed for necessary conditions on restoration jobs or it can be done at the client’s request.  PCS Painters™ offers both brush and roll applications as well as airless spray applications. When spraying, all surrounding surfaces are masked off with fresh plastic sheeting and the ground is covered with vinyl drop cloths. We will advise you on the best route to take at the time of estimating.